Research Experimental Archaeology

Exploring Rock Art Using Experimental Archaeology and Traceology: A Case Study of the Trialeti Petroglyphs 

Aleko Zavradashvili,  Nodar Kukava, Mariam Kokhreidze, Tatia Mamalashvili,  Vladimer Kenkadze, Ketevan Esakia,  Levan Losaberidze 

 Keywords: Rock Art, Trialeti Petroglyphs, Experimental Archaeology, Traceology 

Published: December 2023

Research Archaeology

Nomads on the Territory of Eastern Georgia (Middle of the first Millennium BC) 

Nino Akhvlediani

Keywords:  Nomads, Scythians, Cimmerians,  Early Iron Age, Georgia

Published: December 2023

Some Thoughts on the Vardisubani Round Church

Guntram Koch

Keywords:  Rotonda, Dmanisi, Church architecture

Published: December 2023

Burials of Clerics in the Durujispira Temple Complex of the Antique/Medieval Town of Nekresi

Vazha Mamiashvili

Keywords:  Nekresi, Basilica, Funeral rite, Clerics

Published: December 2023

Research Glyptic

The Seal of Safarbey

Ketevan Ramishvili

Keywords: Seal, Abkhazia, Sharvashidze, Safarbey

Published: December 2023

Research Toponymy

From Akhuti over the Mountains of Khuti: The short historical, geographical and linguistical overview of one group of toponyms 

 Guram Chikovani 

 Keywords: Settlements,  Mountains, Warefare, Religious  

Published: December 2023


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